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Feng Shui Bamboo, Torch Gingers and Kniphofia
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Tropical beauty is blended with oriental knowledge to create this fashionable and auspicious arrangement. Slender and lively Feng shui bamboo is mixed with filler flowers such as torch gingers and red hot pokers. These flowers and the tall green stalks intertwining them are arranged in a glass container.
  • Use clean vases or containers.
  • Avoid salt crystallization by using clean, softened water.
  • Change water daily.
  • Remove pollen from lilies as they bloom.
  • Remove all leaves which are submerged under water. Submerged leaves can rot and create bacteria, shortening the life of the flowers.
  • Re-cut the stem of each flower under water diagonally using a sharp knife or scissors. This prevents air pockets from forming inside the stems which block water intake by the flowers. Re-cut every three days or so.
  • Add a spoon of sugar or a tablet of aspirin to the water in the container.
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