Fiery Heliconia

Deep Red Heliconias
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Leaves of Bird of Paradise, These perennial red hot pokers come together to form a classy and sophisticated arrangement that's apt to welcome the Indian summers. Also known as torch lilies, they light up the surroundings with their eye-catching spikes of tubular flowers. Available in a vase of (4"X10") this modern arrangement is blended with cala liles and fillers.
  • Use clean vases or containers.
  • Avoid salt crystallization by using clean, softened water.
  • Change water daily.
  • Remove pollen from lilies as they bloom.
  • Remove all leaves which are submerged under water. Submerged leaves can rot and create bacteria, shortening the life of the flowers.
  • Re-cut the stem of each flower under water diagonally using a sharp knife or scissors. This prevents air pockets from forming inside the stems which block water intake by the flowers. Re-cut every three days or so.
  • Add a spoon of sugar or a tablet of aspirin to the water in the container.
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