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Welcome to Ohana Fine Flowers

Ohana is one of the best flower boutiques in Bangalore specializing in elegant arrangements and delivery of exotic and enduring flowers for weddings, homes, parties and corporate needs. 


No matter what you are celebrating, a new baby, birthday or anniversary - Ohana has a variety of flower arrangements and flower gifts to choose from. Send flowers to Bangalore by visiting our online flower store, or buy flowers from our two exclusive boutiques in Bangalore. Buying fresh exclusive flowers and spreading cheer had never been so easy.

  Rs. 3250
  Red Roses & White Achillea
True Love
  Rs. 2800
  RED roses
Mellow Yellow
  Rs. 2800
  Yellow Roses & Yellow Carnations
Oriental Dreams
  Rs. 3800
  Pink Oriental Lilliums & Alstroemeria
Pure Love
  Rs. 3500
  Pink Fragrant Lilies in a beautiful box
Budding Love
  Rs. 4000
  Closely tied Rose buds in a beautiful box
Innocent Love
  Rs. 3500
  Pink Roses with flowing rivers of White Blooms in a grey box
Love Blooms
  Rs. 4200
  Exotic coming together of red roses and red orchids. If this does not speak love, what does?
Made in Heaven
  Rs. 3500
  Pink &white roses in a gray box
Eternal Love
  Rs. 4000
  Wow ! What a lovely combination of flowers put together in a beautiful gray tray just for your loved one.
Cupids Crush
  Rs. 3200
  A gift of red roses in a gray box - ready to go. Time to express your crush!
Love Boat
  Rs. 4500
  Quality blooms in bright red sway with cheer in a boat shaped grey box
Love Like No Other
  Rs. 3550
  A unique box of lovely red roses spiked by sprigs of eternal orchids in grey rectangular box
Tons of Love
  Rs. 5000
  roses in the company of beautiful red orchids put together for your truly loved mom.
Epitome of Beauty
  Rs. 3500
  A graceful circular signature box holds deep red roses in a silent nod to your epitome of beauty.
Thy name is Beauty!
  Rs. 3500
  "Baby! Thy name is beauty!" cries out this signature box hugging an assortment of high quality roses.
Sweet Embrace
  Rs. 5000
  The sweetness and love that this classic red rose arrangement exudes is immeasurable.
Love Beckons!
  Rs. 5000
  This melange of peachy pinks, electric blues, fragrant silver dollar eucalyptus.
Flames of Passion
  Rs. 5000
  The intuitive union of red roses with red orchids.
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